Pentacles and Swords everywhere

I am a novice witch. That means different things to many people. I am still figuring out what that includes and means for me. Hence, novice. However, I do believe in magic, and the power of intent, and reaching out and connecting to energies around us. I am solitary, and have not had much interest in diving into rituals yet, but that can change.

I decided to start a blog to keep track of my tarot readings, mostly, but also plan to include things I find interesting along the way. This blog is intended for my own reference, but am glad if it helps someone else. I’ll mention it again; I am a novice. Although I have read and studied since at least 2007, I have barely practiced, and am not an expert in anything. My use of tarot (or any divination; until recently I had primarily used a pendulum) is to help me find guidance. I do not expect the cards to spell out everything for me, nor to dictate my life. In fact, I am quite new to using them. I own two decks, the Fenestra set and the Shadowscapes set. For what it’s worth, I bought them both myself. I’ve used Fenestra with reversals, but have never reversed with Shadowscapes, and get the feeling that I probably will never reverse in Shadowscapes. Not sure how relevant to anyone who may read this.


I have done three readings for myself in the last three days. I plan to do a daily reading, to familiarize myself more with the study and interpreting the cards for myself. A couple days ago I did a standard Celtic Cross spread, and came up with lots of Pentacles and Swords. Most notably, King of Pentacles showed up in my ten slot. He popped up for me yesterday for another reading, too.

Yesterday I actually took a picture of my spread so I could remember it, which is the whole point of this blog, for me to take pictures and document what showed up where. I used this spread.

Just in case something happens to the link, and the spread details get lost:

What needs to be left in the past? What about this situation do you need to let go of in order to move forward?

What are your present circumstances? What energies are currently surrounding you?

What should you take with you? What is the valuable lesson to be found here?

Advice for you. What is the best course of action in order to move forward in a healthy way?

Something to look forward to. What positive development is coming up in the near future?

My results:


And damn, but it hit the nail on the head. I was focused on getting some direction on how to handle my job situation; I’m in a sort of employment limbo, if you will. 4 took a lot more contemplation for me, but then realized it was calling me out for being a coward and avoiding some responsibility, for not being proactive enough or honest enough about my frustrations with my current employer, and my approach to seeking new employment.

Also, hello again, King of Pentacles. Nice to see you again.

Quite nice to look forward to the Sun, though. Presuming I get my shit together and stop waffling around, of course.

Otherwise, a very helpful spread. I thought more about some aspects of myself that I was in denial about, and trying to ignore, but ignoring my weaknesses is obviously harmful, especially in regard to keeping a roof over my head.

It’s almost midnight. I’m calling it a day, and going to take bolder steps tomorrow.


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