The Shadowscapes deck is being pretty sassy, but I’m okay with that. It’s an affectionate sass.

Today I used the “What the heck do I do?” spread from Tarotgram. In case the link goes bad it’s a simple, yet straight-forward, four card spread. One and two go up top, three and four below, with three under four.

1.) Current situation

2.) Desired outcome

3.) What to know

4.) Advice

Here is what they had to say for me:


1.) Hello again, King of Pentacles. You are all over my readings lately. I see why he popped up today, though. The acorn in his hand jumped right out at me, so it makes sense. I’m on the hunt for something new. I’ve been submitting job applications like crazy. I’m not just looking for something new, but also something solid, grounded.

2.) Right now I feel like I’m that tower and that tree, like I’ve been at this one thing for a while, and while it was growing as the time passed, it also all came crashing down rather spectacularly. I want to get back to that place below the destruction.

3.) I felt like my “what to know” and “advice” went hand-in-hand here. My stomach has been in knots the last couple of weeks over my job situation, primarily because I have not had any responses yet. But you know what? That child in the Six of Cups does not make any distinction between her stuffed animal guests or her living ones. They are all valid. Maybe she brought her own guests at first and did not know she would gain new ones, but welcomes them all the same. Maybe I’m not using my imagination enough to look at my problem, or something unexpected will happen.

4.) Advice? Ten of cups. I can still see the sun. I may be under the water, but I’m not alone. Even though I’m stressed, I have support, and I feel rather free in a big way. I’m close to the surface. Those people look rather content to be floating along.

I wasn’t quite ready to put the cards away for the night, so I thought, “I’d like to get to know them more. What else to do you have to tell me before I call it a night?” I drew the first four cards just to look at them, see what I picked out, and then consulted the booklet just to see if what I gathered was close.

The sass is strong tonight.


I’m not going to go over them in detail because the overall message here is: stop trying to do everything yourself. It’s okay to ask for help. In fact, you should ask for help. Stop being so stubborn and thinking you need to go it alone all the time.

In case it’s hard to see in the picture: Six of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles, The Lovers, Nine of Swords.



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