I hope

Still job hunting.

I stumbled across an opportunity this evening. The posting has been up for a few days, so it may have already been filled for all I know, but… it would be great, and open up the chance to tackle several of my long-term goals.

I did a three card draw today and asked three questions:

  1. Do I stand a chance at getting a job offer?
  2. What do my odds look like?
  3. Will I be happy there?


Ohhhh, I hope that is accurate. I have a gut feeling. Lately I have asked myself (a lot, a lot) “Is this just general anxiety, or is this my gut?” especially in regards to my current employer, but also about the job hunt.

When I saw the posting for the one I applied to today, I felt a click. A spark of “…yes,” if you will. For one thing, if I were to ever write a job posting, it would’ve looked like the one they posted. I read it and thought, “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” I don’t think I have ever seen a job application that gave me the chance to let my personality show, and not only that, but I had fun filling it out.

I want this job. I hope I’m not hoping in vain. If you can spare the vibes, I would appreciate some sent my way.


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