I used the “A Journey” spread from the Shadowscapes Companion book.


(Yes, that’s a paper towel. Yes, I am that classy.)

  1. Five of Cups
  2. Ten of Cups
  3. Queen of Cups
  4. Queen of Wands
  5. Two of Pentacles
  6. King of Pentacles
  7. Knight of Wands

Interesting stuff. Things that jumped out at me: Look at all that water on my “leaving” half (1-3). The other half is split with fire and earth.

I also like the way that 3 and 4 ended up, with the queens looking at each other. Like one is transitioning into the other. ~Symbolism, ooooh~ (I shouldn’t get sassy at them, although to be fair they sass at me a lot, so.)


Wow that’s a crappy shot, but I didn’t feel like retaking it. Anyway. I guess I’ve got a lot of emotional and creative growing to do.

I also did a three card draw, to ask “What do you think about ___?”


  1. Ten of Cups
  2. Three of Swords
  3. Three of Wands

I’m taking the Three of Swords as something to be mindful of; I have a habit of getting in my own way. My next question, to clarify a bit, was “What is blocking me from feeling right about it in my gut?”


King of Cups.

All right, all right, I get it already.


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